Menu of the Season

pumpkin cream soup

with pumpkin seed oil

€ 4,80

Smoked wild boar ham

with lamb’s lettuce and lingonberry sauce

€ 8,80

``Wilderer Pfandl`` ragout | Baked | Fried

with cabbage sprouts, almond balls and cranberry pear

€ 19,00

Fine venison ragout

with napkin dumplings, cranberry pear and red cabbage

€ 17,00

Pumpkin herb strudel

with herbal cream sauce and parsley potato

€ 12,00

Black beer Schmarrn

with stewed plums

€ 6,80

out of the soup pot


Kitchen daily 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Beef broth

with fried potatoes or liver dumplings

€ 3,90


€ 4,30

Grandma’s soup pot with noodles

with noodles, boiled beef, sausages and vegetables

€ 7,80

Light & fresh

Meatless dishes

Char fillet with almond crust

Char fillet with almond crust
served with tomato-potato gröstl and broccoli

€ 18,00

Beetle bean vegetable patties

in fine tomato sauce with boiled potatoes

€ 12,50

Baked Emmentaler

with parsley potatoes and sauce tartare

€ 10,50


We recommend from the Stocki’s

Grilled seasonal vegetables

with wedges (vegan)

€ 12,50

Pork medallions wrapped in bacon with natural juice

with butter spaetzle and vegetable garnish

€ 18,00

Pink grilled beef tenderloin steak

with pepper cream sauce with wedges and bacon bean rolls

€ 32,00

Grilled salmon trout

with potatoes and vegetables

€ 17,00


the traditional Stockinger

Oven-fresh roast pork

with bread dumplings, potatoes and warm coleslaw

€ 13,00

Vienne Schnitzel

from pork, with parsley potatoes

€ 10,00

Stockinger schnitzel

grilled turkey fillet filled with ham and cheese in creamy pepper sauce, served with hash browns and vegetable bouquet

€ 14,50

Gordon blue from the turkey

with cranberries, served with butter rice and potatoes

€ 14,00

1/2 crispy fried chicken

€ 9,30

Mixed salad

€ 3,80

Port. French fries / Potatoes

€ 3,80

Traunviertler Grillpfandl (from 1 person)

Different types of fillet with fried potatoes, grilled sausages and colorful vegetables
(also for several people)

€ 17,00

pro Person

Stocki's Bauernreindl (from 4 people)

Fried chicken, Wiener schnitzel, roast pork
Potato, cabbage and potato salad

€ 16,00

pro Person

There is an extra charge of € 2.00 for XXL portions

small and fine

for a little hunger in between

Styrian fried chicken salad

with roasted pumpkin seeds and cold-pressed seed oil

€ 13,80

Beef brine

finely garnished in house dressing and pumpkin seed oil with egg and onions

€ 7,80

Crackling salad

with cheese, egg and tomatoes in a tasty marinade

€ 7,80

Cold roast pork

with cucumber and horseradish

€ 9,00

Cheese platter

€ 9,80

3 kinds of treats

€ 8,80

for our little guests

Bread dumplings in juice

€ 3,00

Child Wiener Schnitzel

of the turkey with french fries

€ 6,20

Grilled sausages

with French fries

€ 6,00

Grilled char fillet

with potatoes

€ 9,00

For smaller portions we reduce your price by € 1.50


For the sweet finale

2 pancakes

optionally apricot or cranberry jam

€ 5,00

Ice cream pancakes

filled with vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and whipped cream

€ 7,50

Stocki's house mug

fresh fruits and different types of ice cream in the waffle cone

€ 7,50

Mohr im Hemd

with whipped cream

€ 5,30

Mohr im Hemd

with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

€ 6,80

Apple strudel

with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

€ 6,10

House cake

€ 3,80

Banana bread

€ 3,80